Where degeneracy hits the road

Mastodon Weekend began as an opportunity to celebrate our inability to evolve. Like the great and terrible mastodon, we aging degenerates were content to wallow in our mud holes until fate and inevitability saw fit to rid Earth of us. And so, yea verily, we wallowed, floundered, and disrespected our bodies with such verve that we had to take a year off. Now it’s 2012, and a man we call Blood decided it was time to rage against…well, just about everything. Evolve? Impossible! Beat fate and inevitability back with our bare fists and intoxicated courage? Damned straight.

So now, Mastodon Weekend will feature all the degeneracy, overindulgence, and ridiculousness as before. But this year, there will be sweat. Miles and miles of sweat. All Mastodon Weekend attendees are invited to run with the hosts in the Spinx Run Fest. Pick your distance:  5k, 13.1 miles, or 26.2 miles. Pick your speed–walking, running, or stumbling. It doesn’t matter. You’ll be in one of the United States’ finest cities with some of the best people in the world.



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